15 profitable skills to learn as a stay at home mom

And who doesn’t like independent women? No man wants a burden, and trust me, you don’t want to be that burden. There are lots of skills to learn and thankfully, those skills stays with you forever and you can use them wherever you are and in whatever condition you find yourself.

Skills to learn

There’s nothing disgraceful in learning a skill as a mom/young woman, and having a job doesn’t mean you don’t need a skill.

Skills are important when:

  • You loose your job.
  • You are a “stay at home” mom.
  • You feel you need to earn extra.
  • You need to support your man.

It doesn’t have to be just to support your husband, a woman should be independent to earn respect from the male folks.

Your respect as a woman is something you should never loose.

Don’t just stay at home as a full time housewives, learn profitable skills to earn and support the man. Men appreciate wives who supports them in every way, he might not admit it or encourage you to get a job doing but he will be happier and appreciate you more if you support him with the bills.

3 tips to finding what skills to learn

  • Something you find interesting
  • What you’re passionate about
  • What you are curious about

These tips are questions you ask yourself if you don’t know what skills to learn, this will help you find something you won’t get tired of and you can now have more drive towards that skill.

Things to look out for before going to deciding what skills to learn

If I decide to learn makeup, first, I will go about my neighborhood, looking for good makeup artist or better still, ask people around how good that makeup artist is, if I don’t get a satisfactory answer, I will look outside my neighborhood.

Next I will compare the prices to know which one I can afford but it doesn’t mean I will not go to a good makeup artist because of the price. If the price is more than I can afford, I will try negotiating with the artist to know if I can pay in installments.

Another thing for me to consider is the distance between my house and the makeup location, can I afford the transport cost? And if I can’t, that means I won’t be going to learn my skills everyday, I just have to pick any day in the week that I can spare money for the transport cost.

If I have a job, how do I fix in the time between my job and my skill to be convenient? What time do I close from work? How many days on a week do I go to work? Having answers to these questions will help me decide how to fix in the skill and my job.

What if the kids are my responsibility to pick up from school and I also have to be home early to prepare dinner, how do I fix in all these? I know when my kids are closed from school, I just have to strike a deal with my boss to spare me some time to go pick my kids and make sure they are okay before returning back to work.

I can decide to prepare dinner before going out in the morning, then I just have to microwave when we are all home, this will save me the stress of preparing dinner when I’m back.

As a mother, there are certain things that you have to put in consideration before deciding to use more extra time of work, are you a breast feeding mom? Do you have little kids who can’t take care of themselves?.

There will always be a way to find solution to whatever thing you might find discouraging while thinking of the skills to learn.

15 profitable skills to learn as a mom

  • Catering: there are different categories under catering such as, baking, cooking, how to dress and serve food etc. You just need to pick your interest. Learning this can give you opportunities to start your own catering business from home, if you don’t have an oven, there’s a way to use stove, pot, sand or stone to make a local oven and this will serve you for a long time until you can afford a small oven. Without a shop, you can supply to those who might be interested and attach a percentage to it. There are other ways to let people know what business you’re doing even without a store.
  • Tailoring/ fashion designing: it doesn’t have to be just female clothing, there are lots of profit in the male section too.
  • Makeup: makeup could be the usual makeup or the advanced makeup for Halloween or movies.
  • Bead making.
  • Decorations or event planning.
  • Hairdresser/ hair stylist.
  • Knitting.
  • Computer operator/ user: there are different sections of it, graphic designer, web designer or typist.
  • Manicure and pedicure.
  • Dry cleaning: you just need a washing machine and know how to iron clothes and package them.
  • Producing deodorants, soap or toiletries.
  • Vlogging: if you don’t want to learn any skill but still want to earn extra, starting a YouTube channel and posting videos of your home and other activities you do will bring you that cash but not immediately.
  • Freelance: if you are good at grammar and typo errors, you can find a job as a freelancer.
  • Music production: music is taking all over the world now, learning music production, mixing and mastering or video production can fetch you a good profit.
  • Distributor: there are companies looking for distributors, you can find one and get busy, it’s an easy work from home job for moms.


You don’t have to be a burden to anyone, earn for yourself at least and take care of yourself, so you don’t have to ask for money each time you need money to buy things for yourself. Women needs a lot of care to stay beautiful.

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