12 missing facts about using rice water for hair growth

Using rice water to strengthen and grow hair isn’t new, it’s been in usage for ages it is most popular in the ancient Asian women culture for hair growth.

rice water for hair growth

Most women know the results of using rice water for hair growth, while some are not sure about it and still have some burning questions, so in this article, are some information you might be needing to help you decide if you want to join the trend of using rice water for hair growth.

Rice water is just perfect for your hair, it contains a high level of protein for less protein hair, so if your hair doesn’t need protein, don’t use rice water.

Whatever you put on your hair first is what it will absorb, if you want your hair to get the most out of rice water, soak it in rice water first.

Using rice water for hairline growth is also effective, it is not harsh on hairline as other products would.

Rules for using rice water for hair growth

  • You can use rice water as often as you want, provided your hair is okay with it and it doesn’t turn dry.
  • Don’t leave rice water on your hair without washing off, you can leave it to sit on your hair for 10-15 mins before washing it off
  • One negative impact of rice water is, its high in protein, so if your hair doesn’t need protein or like protein, it will give you a dry texture.
  • Apply the water after shampooing
  • Use two containers during application, one for pouring and the other for catching the water so you can rinse 3-4 times
  • Massage the roots of your hair thoroughly
  • Rinse your hair finally with a protein-free conditioner
  • If your hair is very soft, mushy, dry, unable to hold curls or elastic, use rice water often to wash your hair
  • Women at 50 can also use this, its great for everyone
  • It works well with a freshly cut hair
  • Rice water doesn’t have to be refrigerated, that means you have to do this when you are sure you are ready to wash your hair
  • You can eat the rice after using, if you are using a fermented method

Rice water will not work for everyone, if your hair doesn’t like protein or it doesn’t need protein and more of this protein will throw off the protein balance, so rice water wont work for you.

How to know if your doesn’t like protein?

There is no way to find out except by trial, so you just have to try using rice water for hair growth, don’t be scared, the outcome will still be good.

Signs of protein overuse on hair

  • Your hair will be dry, crispy and tangled at the end
  • Straw-like and stiff hair
  • Curls feels heavy

Rice water for hair growth steps

Fermented rice water:

  • Get a cup of rice and put in a bowl with a cup of water, if you feel the water wont be enough to wash your hair, add more rice and more water
  • Wash the rice about twice by scrubbing it on your palms
  • Pour out the water and add one cup of water and cover the bowl (the more the rice, the more water you should add)
  • Stir at every 30 mins
  • Pour the rice and water in a closed jar for another 24 hours
  • Sieve out the water and pour in a pot, boil the water for a minute
  • Allow to cool and add lavender oil (optional)
  • Spray on the hair and wet your scalp with it, massage for 5 mins and leave to sit for about 15-20 mins before you rinse off.

Boiled rice water:

  • Get a cup of rice and wash it thoroughly, about two times
  • Put in a pot and add more water than usual, allow to boil for about 5 -10 mins (more rice, more water)
  • Strain the water and add lavender oil (optional)
  • Use the water after shampooing your hair
  • Massage and leave to sit for about 20 mins before rinsing off.


After using method 2 on my hair, it felt sleeky and fuller, less breakage, and some length added to my hair. So it’s worth a try!

If after using rice water and you notice your hair got dry or straw-like, discontinue using, it could be that your hair doesn’t like protein.