You are probably not good at applying eyeliner during your makeup routine, perhaps your line is not straight and smooth or you simply can’t get the eyeliner wing, but have you tried these steps am about to list in this article?

In this article are basics of liquid eyeliner and how to apply eyeliner especially for beginners.

But before we go into how to apply eyeliner techniques, I want to answer most questions we all ask about eyeliners, and hopefully your questions would be answered as well but if not ask your questions in the comment sections and I will be glad to give my assistance in whatever way I c

Here is a table of content to help you easily navigate to what you are looking for;

Which eyeliner is easy to apply?

Pen eyeliner, pen eyeliner is easier to apply especially for beginners, it allows you to control your fingers and flex elbow during application, it also helps you control how much liner you put on your lids.

When does eyeliner expires?

Most brands write the expiration date on the pack of their products while most don’t, probably because it takes a long time to expire but a professional advise from me to you is this; eyeliner takes a very long time before it expires, mostly years but once you start seeing changes in yours, it has most likely expired.

How eyeliner changes your face?

It gives your eyes a vertical look, so it definitely gives your face a different look whether its worn alone or with an eyeshadow, eyeliner gives your face a dramatic look.

Can eyeliner be used as mascara?

No it can’t, but if you want to try it, you can, it doesn’t hurt or cause any side effect but it will stick your lashes together instead of separating them as mascara would.

Are eyeliner permanent?

No, but there are now semi-permanent eyeliner which I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for.

Can eyeliner cause headaches?

No, eyeliner does not cause headaches.

Are eyeliner safe?

Yes they are

Are eyeliner and eye brow pencil the same?

No they are not, you cant use liner as brow pencil, but I see some women using pencil eyeliner as an eye brow pencil, this is totally wrong because the brows later turns out very bad.

Will eyeliner cause blindness?

No, but if you use a no-guaranteed type of eyeliner wrongly, it can cause an eye issue.

Can eyeliner cause headache?

No, not that I have heard of or seen.

Where is eyeliner applied?

On the eye lid and water line but you use different liners to do this.

Why eyeliner looks bad on me

Do you have hooded eyes? if yes, then it could be you don’t apply your liner the right way but if no, you are probably applying it the wring way or you are using a very bad liner brand.

Why eyeliner is used

It is used to make your eye makeup more dramatic, outstanding, elegant and eye catching.

Eyeliner without eyeshadow, wing, lashes

Of course eyeliner can be used without eyeshadow and lashes, you can wear it as an eyeshadow if you don’t feel like applying eyeshadow then, a liner without wing is not so cool because the wing is actually its beauty and elegance it only looks cool on hooded eyes.

Can eyeliner be used as kajal?

Kajal which is known as “Tiro” locally is medicinal, kajal is applied to improve visions, help conjunctivitis etc while eyeliner is not medicinal so you cant use liner as kajal.

Can eyeliner be used on lips?

Yes it can but its not right, it is called eyeliner so it is for the eyes, if you need to use a lip pencil, there are also lip liners.

Eyeliner or mascara first?

Mascara first, its ideal for me because the mascara straighten my lashes allowing me to see my lid properly and I also do this to draw my liner to cover up the stains of the mascara on the lid if there are any.

Eyeliner or eyeshadow first?

Eyeshadow first, I apply eyeshadow first to get a definite and clean eye look.

Eyeliner or false lashes first?

False lashes first but in most cases, I tell people to apply liner first, this is because their false lashes might be too long for them not to see the liner while applying it but if you are able to see your lid while you apply liner, it’s best to wear the false lashes first.

Should you wear eyeliner if you have small eyes?

Yes you can but it should be a tiny line so it doesn’t cover your eyeshadow.

Can you be allergic to eyeliner?

Yes you can if the liner you are using contains some ingredients which your skin reacts to.

Can you wear false lashes without eyeliner?

Yes you can but the truth is if you are doing a full makeup, its necessary to apply liner, you could try this at your personal time and compare to see which one is more outstanding, but if not with a makeup, you can wear lashes without liner.

Which is the best eyeliner, which is effective and cheap

Previously, I’ve used MAC eyeliner and currently, am using Kaoiya all in a pencil-like form but its a liquid eyeliner. Both liners are effective and cheap.

Should you always put eyeliner on the bottom lid too?

Its not really necessary but it is important, if you are tired of using the usual black pencil, you could try other colors such as red, brown green white etc to make it more fun and dramatic, sometimes the only eye makeup I do is the bottom lid liner and its great!

How can I stop applying eyeliner crookedly?

This is certainly something you can’t avoid but you can control it, with these steps, you can apply eyeliner perfectly:

  • Avoid using bottle liner, instead use pencil-like liquid liners like mine,
  • Place your elbow on a surface to avoid shakes
  • Hold your mirror above your eyes
  • If holding the mirror is a problem, place the mirror on a table where you can see what you are doing without bending your head.
  • When drawing your line, imagine drawing a vertical line

What is the easiest eyeliner to apply for someone who is not good at applying eyeliner?

I highly recommend using pen liquid eyeliner

Is liquid eyeliner hard to remove?

No it is not, using facial wipes or makeup cleanser can easily remove liquid liner but gel liner is hard to remove.

Is magnetic eyeliner safe to use?

The world is revolving and so there are new kinds of technologies just as we have magnetic bra cups lol, but with your eyes, you have to be very careful, if you want to use magnetic liner as an option, talk to a doctor about it and see if its ingredients is safe for you.

An easier way to apply eyeliner

The easiest way to apply eyeliner is by putting a tape on the outer corner of your eyes.

Is gel eyeliner better than liquid eyeliner?

It is an issue of preference, gel liner in a way is better than liquid liner, with gel liner, you can control the amount of liner you apply the disadvantage is gel liner is hard to clean.

which eyeliner is good for oily lid?

Gel eyeliner is best for oily lid, cause it will stick more.

Is it safe to apply eyeliner to the waterline?

Yes it is, you can apply gel liner on the lower lid.

What is the best gel eyeliner?

So far, I’ve used Kiss beauty black and brown gel liner and its best for me

Is liquid eyeliner too much for a young teen?

No its not, just dont apply a bold line.

How to apply eyeliner

Now that I’ve answered some of your burning questions, lets look at how to apply eyeliner.

Here is a video tutorial for you but if you you don’t find it helpful, you can proceed with the tutorial below.

  1. If your eyeshadow is not on, you have to apply foundation and powder on your eyes first, you wouldn’t want to draw your liner on an oily eyes.
  2. Place a masking tape on the outer corner of your eyes
  3. Draw a tiny stroke just at the tip of the tape, don’t worry if the eyeliner stains the tape, it won’t stain your skin
  4. Connect the eyeliner from the tip in a vertical way as shown in the picture
  5. Continue the line while reducing the bold lines because the eyeliner drawn on the inner corners of your eyes has to be tiny
  6. If you love a bold liner you can make it bold
  7. Remove the tap
  8. Using a concealer close to your skin color and an angle brush, conceal or clean the under wing to make your wing eyeliner neater.

How to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes

For a hooded eyes, you do not necessarily need to draw a wing eyeliner because it will make your eyes look awful and you also don’t have to draw a bold line, it has to be a very slim line.

5 eyeliner hacks to save your day

  • When buying eyeliner, draw a line on the back of your palm, observe the thickness and look out for the one that dries within seconds; buy the eyeliner which draws a tiny stroke and dries within seconds on your palm.
  • If your bottle eyeliner is dried up, spray a little of makeup fixer in it and it will be eligible to use again.
  • If you are using a liquid eyeliner that doesn’t dry up immediately, don’t open your eyes immediately after applying it, this is to avoid stains and crooked liners.
  • Use eyeliner brush instead of pencil for other people if you are a professional makeup artist, this is to practice hygiene.
  • You dont have to draw wing eyeliner when doing black smokey

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Under eyeliner

To get a perfect look, apply liner exactly on your water line as shown in the image and not on the eyes.